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Accelerated Now:

Engineering your technology-driven future

Dave Reid and Cristene Gonzalez-Wertz discuss the next wave of accelerated change.

In these exciting but challenging times, it’s critical to capitalize on new opportunities and overcome heavy burdens.

Drive to those ends with three key actions. Create differentiated, strategic advantages by developing a deep understanding of industry and ecosystem economic patterns, and leveraging the software-defined, platform-driven world. Power intelligent, sustainable operations by minimizing technical debt and optimizing supply chains to transition into positive business growth. Manage favorable forward transitions by building agility in the workplace and adopting a strong posture to deal with ever-increasing cyber-threats.

DXC Leading Edge will explore these issues as the evolution of our Accelerated Now agenda. Our initial series covered the five pillars of change for business agility. Explore those topics in our section Thriving in the Accelerated Now (below).   

The new enterprise: strategic, sustainable and transitional

Getting ready for the software-defined world

Digital lifecycle management (DLCM) is an imperative as software-defined, cyber physical assets begin to transform the enterprise. As businesses move to becoming software-driven organizations, platforms and pipelines will become the way they organize, underpinning DLCM to power business values and workstreams.
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On industrialization: A technology-driven path to the next-generation organization

This DXC Leading Edge study identifies behavior changes impacted by the industrialization of technology, and finds that next-generation organizations focus on outcome over output.
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Platforms change the business landscape

A new podcast series, sponsored by DXC Technology, focuses on how platform technologies present a new way of working, support new opportunities — including re-inventing supply chains — and require new workforce skills.

In the Accelerated Now, business and technology will jointly change according to business need, customer expectations or opportunity.

Thriving in the Accelerated Now

The world is more digitally connected and faster than ever. Business and technology are more closely aligned than ever. To stay ahead, organizations must adapt, adopt and innovate for business agility and growth. Five factors of accelerated change guide leaders to match the right technologies with the right outcomes.

Five factors of change for business agility

Global world network and telecommunications on earth

Investing wisely in a hybrid technology world

Organizations need to make the right investment choices when planning business transformation and managing old and new IT estates. Wardley Mapping can help.
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Mastering platform-driven business

A new era of data pipelines and digital platforms, driven by software engineering, will create organizations designed for flow and business transformation.
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Boosting data metabolism to improve decision making

Decision makers need relevant data, at the right time and speed, to derive actionable insights for effective data-driven decisions.
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Committing to the human experience

Organizations must understand the entire human experience and people’s relationship with technology in order to optimize business agility and performance.

Achieving (truly) sustainable sustainability

Digital is key to the circular economy and sustainability. Technology plays a major role to enable companies to flourish in this economy and meet ESG goals.